Winter Note For Our Tenants


A quick reminder to all tenants of precautions they should take to protect their home from damage during the winter months. Taking adequate precautions during cold weather can prevent properties and possessions being damaged by condensation and burst pipes.


Under the terms of tenancy, tenants are responsible for keeping the let property adequately heated and ventilated and preventing water pipes from freezing in cold weather.


In order to prevent burst pipes, we advise that during the period from 1st November to the 30th April, tenants ensure that if they are away from the property for longer than 24 hours:


  • Keep the heating on at low temperature and leave any loft hatches to roof spaces slightly open or;
  • For longer absences it may appropriate and required for insurance purposes to turn off the water supply and drain down water systems in the property. If unsure of how to do this, we advise that you engage the services of a plumber. You should also let us know if the water systems in the property is going to be drained down.


If you are concerned about ability to adequately heat the property due to rising energy bills then guidance is available from Citizens Advice Scotland at


On a final related point, please make sure contents insurance is in place to cover your own belongings. Landlord insurance will not cover damage to tenants possessions caused by an event such as a burst pipe in the property.


All tenants of Ballantynes will be contacted via email with more information and how to manage your property during the colder months.

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