Cost of Living Act


The Scottish Government has confirmed the rent increase procedure currently in place with the rent cap legislation under the ‘Cost of Living’ Act will end 31st March 2024 and rent increases can take effect from 1st April 2024.


  • The Current Restrictions

The ‘Cost of Living’ Act, which was brought in to support tenants, has been in place for 18 months and is due to expiry by 31st March 2024. Any rent increase issued before this date will be restricted to rent increases of 3%.


  • The Rent Increase Procedure from 1st April 2024

For rent increase notices issued from 1 April 2024 onwards, the landlord can propose a rent increase of any amount. 

If the tenant wishes to challenge the increase they can refer it to the rent officer who must apply a tapering formula to the increase.

Rent increases are still subject to the underlying rules which state tenants must be given three months’ notice of a rent increase and only one increase in any 12 month period.


  • The above procedures only apply to mid-tenancy increases. 

There is no restriction on how much landlords can increase rents by between tenancies, we will continue to adjust rents to market level when re-advertising your property.


  • Short Assured Tenancies

The above procedure does not apply to assured and short assured tenancies which contain a rent increase clause in the tenancy agreement. The rent for these types of tenancies can be increased in line with whatever is stated in the rent increase clause.

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