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Key Considerations When Moving to a New Area in Scotland


Moving home can be stressful in itself, however moving to a completely new area can be daunting in many ways, especially if it includes a change of job.


Key decisions that are made will affect all individuals involved in the move and relocation, for some time. It is therefore imperative to ensure that the decisions are made with sufficient forethought and relevant information to make that all important informed choice.


There can be various reasons for relocating, whether this relates to work, family or simply to enjoy a better lifestyle. Whatever the reasons, the key considerations in terms of relocation will depend on a variety of factors and ultimately what is important to you and your family.


For example, do you currently have or are likely to have children? Are your job prospects enhanced by moving to a new area? Will your standard of living improve? These questions and more need to be considered. As a guide we have listed the most frequently asked questions relating to relocation.




One of the most often quoted reasons for relocation is to reside within the catchment area of a particular school. It is a fact that properties that lie within the catchment area of schools with good reputations will often be in much higher demand and therefore will generally be valued higher. This is a consideration not only when purchasing but also if you decide to sell at a later date.


On a personal level, this is an important consideration when children are involved. If your children are already at school and have been for some time, then adjusting to a new school and making new friends can be fraught with difficulties. If they are not yet of school age then this does make things somewhat less traumatic.


In terms of the schools themselves, research is the key, with plenty of information now freely available online and through the local authority.




Dependent upon your own individual requirements and desires, transport links may well be an important factor. Whether you drive or use public transport, getting around the local area and further afield is something which will be needed. Useful questions to answer for yourself are:


If you’re looking to move somewhere remote and need to commute nationally, then how close is the motorway network? If local transport will suffice, then how good are the local transport facilities, eg, buses and trains, for shopping trips, work and school runs.


The reality is that most large towns and cities have excellent transport links.


Local amenities


Unless you’re looking for a secluded location to move to, local amenities are another valid point to consider. Travelling ten miles to buy a bottle of milk may not be to your liking, therefore looking into the local amenities is essential.


Most locations, even small villages, will have a variety of local shops. Post offices, although reduced in numbers, will often provide basic household supplies such as bread, milk and toiletries.


Access to fuel for vehicles in the form of petrol and diesel, will also need to be checked. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons, the number of local garages have dwindled in recent years and those in the smaller villages will often only open for a certain number of hours during the week.


Generally most towns and cities will offer a myriad of useful amenities, with large supermarkets frequently found within the outlying areas of most populous locations.




Something which we all have to consider, is the crime rate locally. Although not typically something many would think about, it’s imperative to judge the general viability of an area.


Research as with most things is key, with plenty of useful online information sources available. These include the UK Police website as well as the UK crime stats website.




When relocating to a specific area, it is advisable to check whether there are, or are likely to be, any future developments which could cause concern. In established areas such as towns and cities, development will often occur in outlaying areas.


General advice


If at all possible, try to spend some time in the area you’re thinking of moving to, whether this involves staying in local rented accommodation for a period of time, or other form of local accommodation. This enables you to get a feel for the area, the people, and the general ambience of a particular location, prior to making your decision.


We also offer specific advice and guidance on moving to specific locations, which can be found on our website. For those considering moving to Edinburgh, our comprehensive guide provides specific advice relevant to Edinburgh.


Alternatively, for those of you looking at the possibility of moving to Perth, our online guide offers advice on the Perth Area.



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