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Unusual Places Worth a Visit in Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a city that has a long and proud heritage. However, it’s also renowned for its natural beauty, including scenic backdrops and numerous unusual, less well known destinations, which the typical tourist trail does not cater for. Within its boundaries lie little known locations of interest that are unknown to many locals and visitors alike. From the sublime to the bizarre, Edinburgh has it all.


Below we have listed several which we feel are certainly worth a visit, whether as a resident or visitor to the area.


The Royal Observatory


Located on Blackford Hill, this astronomical institution is a visually stunning centre which is Victorian in its architectural style, toped with copper domes which have recently been refurbished. The observatory offers a range of visually impressive astronomy based tours as well as weekly lectures. In addition to the educational aspect of the location, its setting and views across Edinburgh and beyond make this a must visit destination.


Note: Visits must be pre-booked.


Dr Knox's Enigma


With a top 5 star rating on the travel website, Tripadvisor, Dr Knox's Enigma, is probably one of the more unusual places to visit in Edinburgh. In fact this location is actually a puzzle game or experience for up to six people at a time. The premise of the puzzle is to make your escape from one of the custom built sets, all of which have specific lighting and sound to heighten the experience. The game itself lasts 60 minutes, during which time, the participants are required to solve 2 puzzles within 4 rooms.


The facility itself can actually hold up to 24 people within the whole experience.


The experience is located at 3 Warristons Close in Edinburgh


The Anatomical Museum


For those who enjoy their Scottish criminal history, the name of William Burke, will be well known. The skeleton and a facial mask, of this notorious mass murderer is contained within the Anatomical museum, in Edinburgh University's school of Biomedical Sciences. Originally established in 1884, this museum also houses over 40 masks from well known personalities including Shakespeare and Isaac Newton to name but a few.


The museum is open on the last Saturday of every month, 10- 4pm with free admission.


Kyoto Friendship Garden


A stunning Japanese garden which is located within the grounds of Lauriston Castle, in the suburb of Cramond. Unknown to many local residents or visitors, this Zen based garden was originally created to celebrate the twinning of Edinburgh with Kyoto in Japan. Considered to be one of the top three Japanese gardens in the UK, it offers peace and tranquility, with stunning views over the Firth of Forth and Cramond Island. Well worth a visit.


Wild West Morningside


As you would expect, not your typical city locations, however its certainly one that will be remembered. Located in an alleyway just off Springvalley Gardens in Morningside, this mock up of a wild west town, is a sight to see. With authentic looking saloon, stables and a cantina, the site was originally built as a form of advertisement for a business related to the American indoors. Although built over 20 years ago in 1995, it is now used for local businesses as workshops, however the public are more than welcome to browse this strikingly unusual place.


Last but not least, something a little different...


For those who believe that we are not alone in this vast Universe and are often visited by ET, you might be surprised to learn that in terms of UFO sightings, Edinburgh and what is classed as the central belt across Scotland is reputed to have the highest number UFO sightings in the world. Yet another reason to move to this celebrated city of culture.


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